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The Argan Tree


Argan Oil* comes from the nuts of the argan tree (argania spinosa) which grows only in the South Western part of Morocco. Berber women (native Moroccans) have used it for centuries by producing the Argan oil for consumption and traditional Moroccan medicines. The oil has an interesting nutritional and unique cosmetic properties.
The Argan is a drought tolerant which can live from 150 to 200 years on average, it has a deep root system that is perfectly adapted to the aridity of the South Western regions of Morocco and help retain the soil, preventing it from erosion and limiting the advance of the desert. In less than a century, more than a third of the Argan forest has disappeared.

This typical Moroccan tree is also closely related to the Olive tree, the argan trees are spread out over 823,000 ha of uncultivable, withered land in Morocco's Agadir region which is situated in the southwest, the Souss Valley, the Anti-Atlas and the High Atlas in these areas the tree can manage high temperatures, it grows 8 to 10 metres and has a short, twisted trunk with pointy bundles.
The Argan tree grows a yellow-brown coloured fruit which contains one big nut and inside the nut it has 1-3 almonds that can hold up to 55% of oil.
The Moroccan people have many of uses for the whole tree, it is an essential source of income for all, the wood is used as fuel and sold, the leaves and flesh of the nut are food for cattle and the almonds become the precious and unique golden Argan Oil* which is then put into cosmetics and also used for culinary purposes.

The Argan Fruit

Argan Nuts & Almonds

The Argan Nuts 

The Argan Tree

Believed to be the one of the rarest oil in the world, Argan is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants with many health benefits.

Argan skin care oil is a rich, nourishing and moisturizing skin food containing no artificial colouring, perfumes or preservatives to irritate the skin

For centuries Argan Oil has been a well-kept secret known only to Berber women in Morocco who use it to nourish their skin, hair and nails.

Argansí anti-ageing properties, due to high levels of Vitamin E and saponins (which soften the skin) are well documented. It helps to reduce wrinkles by restoring the skin's water lipid layer and it also cools and soothes inflammation. Its anti-oxidant properties contribute to the neutralization of free radicals, particularly useful in the polluted Western hemisphere. It helps cool skin that has been exposed to wind and the sun and also protects it in cold weather.


Traditionally used in Morocco over many years Argan Oil helps to soothe dry eczema, chicken pox, acne and psoriasis, it can also help to reduce scarring and prevent stretch marks.

Argan is not greasy, only a few drops warmed on the fingertips are needed to moisturise and protect the complexion including the delicate skin under the eyes.

It soothes inflammation massaged into painful areas, either due to muscular strain or arthritic or rheumatic joint pain.

Suitable for the whole family, there is a suitable argan oil product for everyone. Due to the naturally high Vitamin E levels found in Argan there is no need for preservatives in our oils.

Do not apply to broken or weeping skin. 

Please Note: We only sell pure argan oil (Certified Organic), in recent years there are many imitating brands and products claiming to be Argan Oil, they are simply hair formulas and should not be treated or applied in the same manner as pure argan oil. If you are wanting to purchase a hair formula containing argan oil we sell and recommend our exclusive hair styling brand "Inspired" by BE Beverly Hills. (click on hair products)

Argan Kernels & Nuts        Pure Argan Oil

We encourage all our online clients to research this wonderful new oil and see for yourself what it actually does for your skin, hair & body.

To find out where you can buy the Issahra Skin Care Range & Argan Food Oil in stores click on the About Us page.

*If you have a nut allergy please consult with your doctor before you apply argan oil based products to your skin & body


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