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Supreme Contour - Eye Cream (Organic)



Supreme Contour - Eye Cream (Organic)

In perfect affinity with the skin, ArgatensylTM, has an immediate tensor effect, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time ArgatensylTM exerts a biological anti-ageing action over the long term, plumping up the skin around the eyes for a smoother and firmer eye contour area.
In order to treat this zone, which requires special attention, Issahra offers Supreme Contour: the argan core in which both the instant and gradual action of Argatensyl is intensified by regenerating and moisturising* properties of argan oil, thus protecting the skins youth capital. Its exceptional anti-age action is reinforced by Raspberry Oil, rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and also Vitamin E. An anti-oxident, anti-inflammatory and healing agent it is highly effective in combating the skin ageing process. The raspberry oil acts in synergy with the nourishing, revitalising and softening properties of shea butter and with the precious rose water that hydrates* and tones the skin, smoothing away signs of tiredness.

For a decongestant effect, Supreme Contour is enriched with green tea, high in caffeine, theine and Vitamin C and with With Hazel extract to stimulate microcirculation, toning and refreshing the skin. Bags under the eys and dark rings are gradually smoothed away with regualr use.

A specifically targeted skin care product specially formulated for the fragile skin around the eye, Supreme Contour offers effective relief from the ravages of time. Plumped ip, the skin regains it's elasticity, density and tone, the sparkle and fullnes of the glaze being restored through smoothing of the surrounding skin.

How To Apply:

Take a small quantity of product with your finger. Pat it onto the eye area very gently working from the inside corner of the eye outwards along the arch of the eyebrow, then moving back along the under-eye area towards the bridge of the nose.
Repeat this gentle tapping movement until the product has been completely absorbed by the skin.
Never rub or pull the skin surrounding the eyes.

When to Apply:

From the age of thirty (30), apply every morning and evening to a thouroughly cleansed skin.

*Hydration of the upper layer of the epidermis

Supreme Contour is BIO Organic - ECOCERT

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