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Pure Argan Oil 50ml *Perfect Oil



Pure Argan Oil 50ml *Perfect Oil

Many benefits multi-use care. Regenerates, hydrates* and protects effectively the skin. Perfect hair oil. “Repairs” burns, chapped hands and lips. Can be recommended to problem skins. Greaseless and odourless, does not provoke blackheads.

Natural, authentic, Perfect Oil - Pure Argan Oil helps to combat successfully against skin-ageing. A powerful remedial of the imbalance and lack in essential fatty acids, it revives the vital functions of the skin, acts effectively against skin dehydration* and tissue-slackening while restoring the hydrolipidic layer. The skin is nourished strengthened and gains in pulp.

Argan Oil's exceptional richness in vitamin E, a powerful anti oxidant, allows the skin to fight against the aggression of the free radicals produced by skin-ageing and protects the cells from destructive oxidation. The ageing process is slowed down. The skin becomes more dynamic and the depth of wrinkles diminishes.

Greaseless and odourless, Perfect Oil is a complete anti-age care, regenerating, restructuring and protecting the skin’s youth capital. After a few applications, the cutaneous relief is tonified, the skin is supple and soft, the complexion becomes brighter.

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